Natural snack for chewing between meals. Jack High Protein teeth cleaner is a unique innovation from our company. Recommended for active dogs to ensure the healthy development of muscles and to support an active lifestyle. Furthermore, it has a beneficial effect on dogs struggling with excessive weight since the protein is recognized as reducing the appetite, and at the same time among the many positive effects protein is excreted through the kidneys so it is not stored as fat.

    Helps preserve healthy teeth and gums
    Daily use significantly reduces the development of plaque
    Vitamin A helps maintain healthy vision
    Vitamin D3 contributes to calcium metabolism, the growth of bones and teeth
    Vitamin E encourages growth

Sugar free
Soy free
Artificial Colourant free
Artificial Flavour enhancer free
Gluten free
Artificial Admixture free
GMO free
ANALYTICSAnalytical constituents:
Moisture: 10%
Raw protein: 50%
Raw fats: 6%
Raw ash: 4%
Raw fibre: 1%
INGREDIENTSmeat and animal by-products